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We are creating more than dancers.


We are creating young women who set & achieve goals. Our students have confidence in their own abilities and the courage to try new things. And together, they learn to love and appreciate the worlds of dance, art and culture. Many people say that a serious dance school cannot and should not be fun. We disagree. Yanlai Dance Academy offers professional training in a supportive, respectful environment. Our teachers are role models of dedication, hard work and grace under fire. Our students build lifelong friendships as they perfect their dance skills. And our dance family supports each other as they support the school. You can have a supportive, positive – and yet professional-grade – dance academy. We’ve been delivering that lofty goal since 2004.


Please join us and see for yourself!

"After my three daughters started dancing with Yanlai, they quickly fell in love with her and the dance class. No matter the circumstances, they see it as a priority to make class every Thursday night. My daughters not only enjoy dancing, but they have also gained wonderful inspirations while watching Yanlai share her passion for dancing and teaching. Her unbelievable magical touch with young children quickly attracted my children's attention and helped them learn a plethora in the past couple years. She taught them pursuing beauty with their body movements."


Yanlai Dance Academy Mother

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