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Group Lessons

Our group classes feature a mix of Ballet technique and Chinese dance.


The Academy has long been noted as the premiere dance school to teach authentic, professional-grade Chinese and Asian folk dance. The tradition of Chinese dance traces back through 5,000 years of Chinese culture – and, therefore, it is a more ancient art form than even Western ballet. This beautiful and deeply emotional dance form tells the story of Chinese civilization and also celebrates the unique traditions of various Chinese ethnic populations. Whether a toddler who is first exploring dance, a teen who wants to explore their Chinese heritage, or an Adult who is fascinated with Asian culture and wants to connect with similarly-minded people, Yanlai Dance Academy has the Chinese dance class for you. Chinese dance classes are grouped by age, size, and experience level. The classes range from 1 hour per week to 2 hours per week. In addition to Classical Chinese dance classes may teach other styles of Asian dance including but not limited to Dunhuang-style, Xinjiang, Mongolian, Dai, Tibetan, and Wa.

Ballet is the cornerstone of all Western dance and provides essential training for Chinese dance as well. Our weekly group class features ballet technique in addition to Chinese dance class. A strong foundation in ballet will improve dancers' muscular strength, flexibility, and range of motion while also boosting coordination and balance.

girls dancing with chinese fans
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