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About Us

Embark on Your Dance Journey

Yanlai Dance Academy is more than a school; it's a community where friendships flourish, support is abundant, and the joy of dance is shared. Since 2004, we've been giving our students the confidence in their abilities and the courage to try new things. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your very first steps, our academy offers a nurturing environment where you can grow your dance skills while making friends and learning collaborating as a team. At Yanlai Dance Academy, we're fostering a deep appreciation for the stories, emotions, and values woven into every movement. We are the only school in the Greater Pittsburgh area to offer both Western and Eastern dance styles.

Join our vibrant community and become a part of an academy that's been enriching lives and celebrating cultural expression.

Meet Our Instructors

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"After my three daughters started dancing with Yanlai, they quickly fell in love with her and the dance class. No matter the circumstances, they see it as a priority to make class every Thursday night. My daughters not only enjoy dancing, but they have also gained wonderful inspirations while watching Yanlai share her passion for dancing and teaching. Her unbelievable magical touch with young children quickly attracted my children's attention and helped them learn a plethora in the past couple years. She taught them pursuing beauty with their body movements."


Yanlai Dance Academy Parent

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