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Pre-Professional Group

PPG is on hold until it is safe to return to the studio

PPG stands for Pre-Professional Group. These classes are for elite dancers who have a great interest in dance and a desire to improve their dance skills to a much higher level. Students interested in PPG will need to talk to Yanlai and the other teachers who will determine if they will be accepted. Once accepted, the students are expected to participate in special PPG ballet and dance classes.

PPG with Other Classes

Enjoy the benefits and extra focus of PPG while you also take other classes at Yanlai Dance Academy

$650 / Year

PPG as a Stand Alone

For students who have graduated from Yanlai Dance Academy or for those students at other dance programs who want to expand their skills and their repertoire of dance and dance styles, we offer a stand alone options for PPG.

$1,460 / Year

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