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Yanlai Dance Academy Policies



Masks in class are optional for students and teachers. We ask that student who test positive for COVID-19 that they remain at home for 10 days as per CDC guidelines.


Payment for Classes

Payment for class may be paid quarterly or in full each year. Each registered student must also pay a registration fee of $40. Costume, video, and photography fees will be announced during the school year.


These fees help us maintain a high level of professionalism and safety for our students by ensuring an adult chaperone to every performance and outreach with performance venues and external groups throughout the year to give each student a chance to perform. These fees also help us maintain the quality of our studio and supplies that we require throughout the academy's classes, as well as pay for professional costumes, video, and photography which every student and parent gets access to at the end of the year.

Making up Classes

Students who miss a class may take another class to make up for missing their own class. Please note that other classes do not teach the same material.

Performance Opportunities

Yanlai Dance Academy provides many performance opportunities for dancers throughout the year including community events in addition to Yanlai Dance Academy's annual end-of-year performance. Through performing, dancers gain confidence, acquire stage experience, and build team spirit. We strongly encourage participation in performances which enhance personal growth as well as dance-ability. If you can’t commit to the performance please immediately tell us, at most within a week after you get the performance schedule.

We also encourage Yanlai Dance Academy students to participate individually in any dance competitions or some of performances that are not sponsored by Yanlai Dance Academy. However, students are required to inform Yanlai in advance of such an event. Prior to the performance, an announcement should be made both verbally and in the program book that the performer is a student from Yanlai Dance Academy.

School Annual Public Performance

Yanlai Dance Academy's annual public performance is a non-profit event created for our students to showcase their talents. In order to cover the operational costs, we need each family to sell a minimum of four tickets. Please note that the family members of the student including parents, grandparents, and siblings will also need tickets to attend the performance. The design of the annual performance program is strictly at the discretion of the school director. Thank you for your support in advance!

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