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Yanlai Dance Academy

Nurturing Tradition, Inspiring Creativity

Yanlai Dance Academy's legacy goes beyond dance steps; it's about creating a space where growth, creativity, and cultural exchange thrive. Our dance school has been a beacon of cultural enrichment and artistic expression in the heart of the Greater Pittsburgh area, as the only dance school to provide instruction in both Western and Eastern dance styles. Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to imparting the elegance and intricacies of Chinese dance, weaving threads of tradition into the fabric of our community, while creating a fostering environment for our students to make countless memories.

Growth, learning, and joy

Through our nurturing environment and expert guidance, focused on encouragement and kindness, we have touched the lives of countless individuals, fostering a deep appreciation for both the art form and the heritage it represents. From our very first steps as an academy, our commitment to teaching the art of Chinese dance has remained unwavering. Our students have not only learned the techniques but have also embraced the stories, emotions, and histories behind each movement.

Yanlai Dance Academy is directed and founded by Yanlai Wu, a world-acclaimed professional dancer who was hand-picked to attend the most prestigious dance academy in all of China. After graduating from Beijing Dance Academy, Ms. Wu joined the Beijing Youth Dance Troupe and performed both nationally and internationally. In 2004, she came to Pittsburgh and founded what is now know as the Yanlai Dance Academy.

Yanlai brings stories come to life in cultural performances, where the stage becomes a window into the beauty of dance and culture. Teaching with a mission of kindness and respect, Yanlai helps to dancers learn confidence, creativity, and passion for dance.

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"My daughters not only enjoy dancing, but they have also gained wonderful inspirations while watching Yanlai share her passion for dancing and teaching. Her unbelievable magical touch with young children quickly attracted my children's attention and helped them learn a plethora in the past couple years." -Parent Review

What we offer

2260 Babcock Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15237



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