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Yanlai • Dance • Academy


"What do I like about Yanlai Dance Academy? Why Yanlai of course.  She is a born teacher, a true artist and a kind and caring person whose artistic vision is very special."

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What Makes us Different?

Yanlai Dance Academy is like no other school in this area


First, it was founded by Yanlai Wu, a world-acclaimed professional dancer who was hand-picked to attend the most prestigious dance academy in all of China. Ms. Wu studied ballet under masters of the renowned Bolshoi Ballet, and she went on to perform and choreograph throughout the globe.


Second, Ms Wu has created a learning environment that extracts professional-caliber performances from all dancers – regardless of skills or experience. The instructors at Yanlai Dance Academy teach with a foundation of support, encouragement and kindness – respecting the spirit and self esteem of each student. Our students thrive in self confidence as they learn and appreciate the beauty of dance.


Finally, we are the ONLY dance school in Pittsburgh to offer dance instruction in both the Western and Eastern traditions. Ballet is offered to ALL students as an important foundation to train the body and improve carriage, flexibility and strength. American/European (Western) dances such as jazz, lyrical, modern and tap are offered. And we are praised for our exquisite Chinese dance instruction and performances. We explore many traditions of Chinese dance- both folk and classical.

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